admin admin - November 1, 2016

ARS Management in Cooperation Again With Yayasan Eko Nugroho

After the process of cooperation during one year for Eko Nugroho Art Class as consultant and implementer, Eko Nugroho ( gave another responsibility to ARS Management to re-arrange one of his projects that has been operating for 8 years. It is called DGTMB Shop.

DGTMB is a brand of art merchandise from Eko Nugroho’s art works. DGTMB is introduced to the public in 2008 as underground comic from from various artist of visual art in Indonesia. In its progress, Eko Nugroho had new idea to make the visual of comic to be a design for art merchandise. After a while, DGTMB’s merchandise focused on Eko Nugroho’s art works. The DGTMB’s characteristics design are imaginative, naughty, and inspiring.

Since its establishment in 2008, DGTMB’s management is still in conventional form. DGTMB do not have any goal. Therefore, ARS Managementhas been involved to re-arrange DGTMB’s business strategy and manage all the resources. Besides as consultant, ARS Management involves also as implementer and represents the owner as Board of Director. Hence, one of its responsibilities is controlling and supervising the executive works.

This partnership has been started since January 2016 until unspecified time.

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