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Book Now : Endless Bridge – Mahabharata 1.5 Karya Hiroshi Koike

KIKH Bridge Project: An art project that seeks to build a “bridge” across boundaries of culture, time, and Asian countries. It was initiated by Hiroshi Koike in June 2012 after previously closing the Pappa TARAHUMARA Company which was initiated since 1982. In the course of its mission, KIKH Bridge Project focuses on the world of creation through three activities: Creation, Education, and Dissemination (Ideas-Achievements). It also seeks to build a platform to connect all aspects between people, between regions, cultures with societies, the past with the present and the future, in order to create a new world.

ARS Management: A creative event management that collaborates various kinds of art in its concepts and forms. ARS Management consists of creative workers who create, work on, and manage various events with simple and classy unique packaging.

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