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KIKH Bridge Project Presents A Collaborative Performance of Five Asian Countries: “Jembatan Tak Berujung – Mahabharata 1.5” by Hiroshi Koike in Indonesia

In the upcoming August 2019, KIKH Bridge Project in collaboration with ARS Management will hold a show entitled “Jembatan Tak Berujung (Endless Bridge) – Mahabharata 1.5” in Yogyakarta. The rehearsal process began on July 2, 2019 in Yogyakarta, at the Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardjo (PSBK). This work involves artists and art managers from several countries in Asia, such as Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India. This Mahabharata series is a work that consists of four parts as a continuing process, and have been performed in several Asian countries since 2013. Those parts are:

  • 2013 – Mahabharata chapter 1, performed in Cambodia and Vietnam
  • 2014 – Mahabharata chapter 2, performed in India, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • 2015 – Mahabharata chapter 2.5, performed in Thailand, China, the Philippines and Japan
  • 2016 – Mahabharata chapter 3, performed in Indonesia
  • 2017 – Mahabharata chapter 4, performed in Thailand and Japan

After successfully holding four Mahabharata chapters for five years and chapter four as the closing chapter of the Mahabharata series, this year (2019) KIKH Bridge produces “Jembatan Tak Berujung – Mahabharata 1.5”, which is a merge of two previous works, namely Mahabharata chapter 1 and Mahabharata chapter 2, in one show by reworking the script and the form of the show to be more dense. Whereas in 2020, KIKH Bridge Project will present the sequel “Mahabharata 2.5″, which will be staged in Tokyo, Japan, and the end of the series ” Completion Mahabharata”, which is planned to be staged around in several countries.

The idea of the Mahabharata show is a performance work to show the world of native Asian cultures and the richness of Asia to the Western world.

So, don’t miss this spectacular show that will bring us to the imaginary space of cultural fusion of five Asian countries on one stage of the “Jembatan Tak Berujung – Mahabharata 1.5” on 22-23 August, only at Concert Hall Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.

Info: ARS Management:  0812-2769-3838

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