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Nikayla Jewellery, hidden gems of Small Business in South Jogja

ARS Management as Micro Business Organisation Consultant

Nikayla Jewelry is a jewelry brand founded in 2019 by Estu Budiawan and located in Southern Yogyakarta. The company was started from the scratch and has now grown into a small business with a revenue of hundreds of millions per month. It has approximately 17 employees, consisting of office and production house staff.

In mid-2022, ARS Management had the opportunity to learn more about Nikayla Jewelry by becoming a consultant as well as an implementer of the policies and systems created. Business assistance is carried out in the fields of organizational management, office administration management, financial management, production management, and personnel management.

Assistance is based on initial mapping of the Nikayla Jewelry needs with data obtained directly from the business owner and direct visit that is conducted. The map of problems found, elaborated and made a strategy for improvement with a system that can be used on an ongoing basis. The main problem in this company is no company management system as a guide to work for all employees, however the company’s turnover is already significantly large. This led to various issues at work, such as the workload entirely on the head of the company, jealousy of workload between employees, the salary, the failure to fulfil customer orders in the promised time, and various other negative impacts.

Solutions were made to overcome these problems, such as the creation of an organization chart, optimization of human resources based on competence and the needs of the company’s functions, employment systems, financial systems, production systems from the ordering process, production, quality control, delivery to consumers, and various other systems that are fundamental to be arranged so that the business can be run on auto pilot with good resources.

This mentoring was carried out for 6 months, starting from September 2022 – February 2023.

“ARS Management’s assistance makes me as a business owner and CEO able to work more systematically so that I have room to continue to innovate” – Estu Budiawan

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