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Split Your Mind

When Work as CEO and When Act as Business Owner

These two things are very intersected for youth entrepreneurs. It’s no doubt when starting a business, with limited capital, usually, the busines owner is also as CEO, and also plays a role in marketng, finance @ administration,or any other functions.
However, in this topic, let’s focus on the ability to split your mind when to be CEO and when to be a business owner so it won’t be stuck in the ambiguity when deciding a policy or any kind of company strategy decisions. If this thing is realized since the begining, when slowly but sure your company has teamwork, there is no unexpected decision.

Let’s uderstanding what is CEO!

CEO is company leader who has responsibility to the company daily running. That’s way a leader should be creative, innovative, visioner, and strategies.

CEO is company manager that should be managed all the company resources, both human resources, asset, and capital for the achievement of company vision and mission. that’s way the CEO should be able to manage all its division, either finance, marketing, production, research, etc.

CEO is company communicator that should be able to becommunication bridge between employee in all line and also communicate tothe business owner. CEO as communicator also to the business network thus the CEO is company reflection.

CEO is company executor that should be able to execute the idea, workplan has been planned base on the analyzes. This decision should sffect to the company sustainability.

So, quite imagine what’s CEO role, thus when business is running never follow your lust or just an instinct, Usually it’s belonging to the business owner that feels “know” but make sure that all the things are already based on data analysis and future projection.


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