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Create your Organizational Culture through the System

The Culture is Creating by Habits

Thera are many organizations forget that habits can create a certain culture in them. This usually seen from the basic things than can be problems later when the organization is getting big where is many people are involved, the things that should be managed is getting bigger and variation, etc. As the sample, such as late in fulfilling the office hours, late in achieving the work target, carelessness in carrying out the duties, and its kind that can be always to be understood and accepted

The understanding and the acceptance of this lack can be the satndard of each person involved in t and be an unconcious mutual agreement. Thus, all that habits is a value and norm of organization. Of course, when this habit already become a deep-rooted culture, it will be very dificultto change it.

Therefore, if you have already decided to make an organization either profit or non-profit, it will very well if from the begining you decided the organization culture wanted to be formed. Then the bad things can be prevented early and the presence of a new person in your organization will not make ane new complication because your organization is already having a strong principle and hold on to the existing culture firmly.

So, the forming of culture can’t be separated from the organization founders, the owners, and also the leaders. So, we can adhere the Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s philosophy which is Ing Ngarso Sung Tuloda means of being leader should be able to be a role model.

Here is the diagram of how the culture organization formed/created :

The explanation detail of this diagram will be the next topic.

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