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Dance Performance “Lelangen Beksan” – Retno Maruti – Padneçwara Present in Yogyakarta, 13 December 2015

Padneçwara is a dance art studio leading by Retno Maruti since 1976. The establishment of Padneçwara is as one of form of dedication at once also as cultural preservation, especially for Indonesian dance.  Since its establishment, Padneçwara performs actively in national and international stage.  Its member is only for mature women, thus its entire member will be able to have responsibilities for themselves.

Padneçwara creates so many dances by itself. Its member creativities could not be separated from Retno Maruti as the leader and initiator. Retno Maruti is a dance maestro who creates many dances, such as: Darmawulan, Abimanyu Gugur, Sekar Pembayun, Dewabrata, Alap-alap Sukesi, and so forth.

In a year, Padneçwara always tries to present a performance as a form of familiarity to its fans as well as an appreciation of art and culture. Padneçwara is an art creation that is born from a long process that always tries to present a new innovation and creation without leave the Javanese culture.

In the end of 2015 year, Padneçwara will entertain Yogyakarta society in a performance of “Lelangen Beksan”. This dance performance will be held on 1 December 2015, at 8 pm, in Concert Hall Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY). Its performance will present three dances performance:  Srimpi Sangupati, Klana Gunungsari and Kumolo Bumi. These dances will be accompanied by gamelan as traditional Javanese music that will add value of artistic in every its movement.  Don’t miss this performance, only one day on 13 December at 8 pm!

Info and reservation: ARS: 0878-3883-5758/0856-4243-3555

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