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Community Consultation Virtual Workshop – Limited Invitation UNESCO Office Jakarta – Architectural Documentation Center (PDA) – Ministry of Public Work and Housing (PUPR)

Via Zoom Meeting & Youtube Live Streaming Citraweb Cultural Center – 2,3, 10 December 2020

Towards the end of the year, ARS Management collaboratedn with UNESCOOffice Jakarta to manage a community Consultation Virtual Workshop on 2,3 and 10 December 2020. This workshop aims to obtain technical advice in the process of compiling the Borobudur – Yogyakarta – Prambanan Integrated Tourism Master Plan (RIPT BYP) document and in particular, the Borobudur Visitor Management Plan (RPPB). This commmunity suggestion is a prerequisite for development by the Coordinating Team for Integrated and Sustainable Tourism Development under the coordination of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) regarding the status of Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple as UNESCO World Heritage. In addition, Yogyakarta Historic City Center is also in the process of being proposed for a World Heritage.

This workshop was held for thrww days with a total of 92 participants each day consisting of 47 people from Borobudur Village community representatives (20 Villages, 3 Communities, and 1 District representative). Prambanan Village was represented by 10 people (6 Villages, 2 Communities, and 2 Distric representatives). Yogyakarta City representes by 7 people from 4 communities, as well as several government agencies, with a total 28 people. This workshop taken place on 08.30 – 12.30 WIB. In the process of this workshop, a whatsapp group was also established starting atthe end of second day of the workshop until 9 December 2020. The Whatsapp group is divided into 5 groups, namely Borobudur group, the Prambanan group, the Yogyakarta group representing heritage, the Yogyakarta group representing creative entrepeneurs and small bisinesses, as well as government group. The theme of the discussion is the hopes and recomendations of the public for government on RIPT BYP. Realted to this, to get the right output, there is a facilitator in each group who guides the course of discussion. At the last day of the workshop, on 10 December 2020, each group presented the results of its discussion, represeted by members selected by the group.

All of these activities had run smoothly and obtaines the output in accordance with the objectives of the event. In this activity ARS Management is tasked with managing the attendance process of the participants and managing the event itself from technical preparation at the venue, overseeing the event, and closing the event.

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