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Nia Isyana

Event Adiministrator & Marketing Manager Armep Store

Graduated from News Management STMMTC Yogyakarta and experienced in the television worls from 2009 to early 2020 whokoined Jogja TV. In her flexibility to work, since 2014, she has joined ARS Management as a freelancer. Her involvement in ARS Management is always related to service, both as workshop event administrator and an art event administrator. Being a patient person is and inevitably must and should be from the inner. Every individual’s complaint is her duty and responsibility. Her expertise in serving makes her a significant milestone in every ARS Management art event as a Ticket Sales Manager. In addition, she works very well as a participant administrator for non-art/workshop events.

In mid-2020, when the pandemic occured, she officially joined ARS Management which focused on its subsidiary, the ARMEPStore; marketpace specifically for the local indonesian products, as Marketing Manager. However, she is still actively involved in all ARS Event Management work.

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