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Ratri Kartika Sari

Managing Director

Graduated from MM UGM and have been interest in managing organizarions since she was astudent. Her profesional career started with her involvement in Teater Garasi in 2004-February 2014. During her career at Teater Garasi, she held the position of Office & Finance Manager. In 2010, she also received business developmnet assistance from several business consultants to run the Teater Garasi business unit (Garasi Enterprise) and assumend the position of General Manager.

In 2014, she decided to create Creative Event Management, ARS Management who manage various events, especially performing arts. ARS Management is also a menagement consultant for micro-level organizations. Since mid-2014, she has collaborated with Eko Nugroho to manage his business projects, namely Eko Nugroho Art Class, DGTMB Shop, and Wayang Bocor from planning to implementation.

In 2017-mid-2020, apart from being consultant, she also was CEO at DGTMB Shop. In addition, since 2018, she has also been the CEO of Eko Nugroho Art Class. On the other hand, as CEO of ARS Management she acts as a Project Officer in all event activities and management consulting.

In May 2020, she decided to do a new business in the online marketing network for local brad products and art merchandise called “ARMEP”.

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