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Asian Collaborative Show Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India

Tireless Rehearsal Process in Yogyakarta

1 July – 19 August 2019

At Padepokan Bagong Kussudiarjo (PSBK)

“Jembatan Tak Berujung – Mahabharata 1.5” by Hiroshi Koike is a collaborative art performance project. This work is a merge of Mahabharata Chapter 1 and Mahabharata Chapter 2, about human lives filled with lust, desire for power, and love filled with intrigue. It is also about social events that continue to occur throughout the world: the struggle between good and evil. This performance will bring us to a different space of imagination where we will see a meeting of five Asian countries with unique and different cultural strengths: Japan – Indonesia – Thailand – Malaysia – India.

Since their arrival to Indonesia, Yogyakarta to be precise, on 1 July 2019, the artists have been practicing intensively from 2 July to 17 August every day from 8 to 4 pm, and had a day off every five days. Beside the artists, the creative team also have been working to create various sets, properties, costumes, and also music that will provide a sense of beauty and surprises on the stage.

The beauty of cultures is certain to be present on the stage through the bodies of eleven Asian artists:

Japan                : 3 persons (Koyano Tetsuro, Azusa Fukushima, Yutaro Tsuchiya)

Indonesia         : 4 persons (Ni Wayan Sekariani, Ari Dwianto, Danang Pamungkas,Hermawan Sinung Nugroho)

Malaysia         : 1 person (Lee Swee Keong)

Thailand          : 1 person (Ronnarong Khampha)

India                : 2 persons (Moon Moon Singh, Sreejith Ramanan)

Be a part of this beautiful show, ONLY at Concert Hall Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, 22-23 August 2019.

Info: 0812-2769-3838

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