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Our primary workspace is in three main focuses:

  1. Partnership and Management of Performing Arts Production
  2. (Theatre, Dance, Music) and Exhibition

  3. Event Management;
  4. Workshop – Gathering – Symposium – Tour Trip – Outbound, and the like

  5. Organization Management Consulting
  6. Profit & Non-Profit

We Open oppotunities for collaboration for artist who realize their work ideas. We offer partnership in the form of cooperation,both in productiona and operations, based on the suitability of statements and characters contained in our support agreement.
We also provide services in the area of performing arts production manager and exhibitions. Our work team wil help manage your event production as a whole or in part based on the agreement. THe cooperation consists of promotions and publications both online and offline, drafting proposals and budgets, concept embodiments of ideas, management of the stage for performances, management of show ticket, and house management.

We provide managerial services in organizing events, such as workshops, gatherings, symposia, tour trips, outbound and the like. We willhelp you with the needs of space, equipment, accomodation, providing entertainment shows, managing participants, and all technical and non-technical reqiuerements in realizing the ev as you wish. We also can be involved in making concept of the event.

We offer consulting services in helping organizations map all the potential and weaknesses of the organization to achieve organizational goals, both for profit and non-profit. In this consulting service, we will provide various views on strategic management, both in the organizational manegement itself, human resource management, financial management and administration, marketing management, and different planning needs following the spirit of the organzation created.

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