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Wayang Bocor Performance “Hikayat Agar-agar Bertanduk”

This performance is held in Yogyakarta, 10 – 11 Juli 2014 in Institute Français Indonesia (IFI a.k.a LIP) and Jakarta, 18 July 2014 in Ballroom the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place and  19 July in Goethe Institute.  Further more info, click:

This performance tells about love story of couple in facing so many problems. They are common people from poor little village in the North Beach of Java Island. This love journey becomes very extraordinary because the man has mysterious identity.

The Performance of “The Story of Horned Jelly” (Jakarta )

The Performance of “The Story of Horned Jelly ” (Yogyakarta)

Photo by : Onix Marconix & Witjak Widhi Cahya

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