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Ramesan Art – “Hompimpa Alaium Gambreng”

Eko Nugroho Art Class

Bussiness Management Assistance

Consultant and Daily/Executive

Ramesan Art is one of the regular programs of Eko Nugroho Art Class; a non-formal school of fine arts as a medium for child development. Ramesan Art exists as an appreciation space for the students’ learning process to be presented in the public space. Ramesan Art has been present since 2019, but the regular annual exhibition of Art Class has been present since 2017.

ARS Management as a consultant and implementer plays a role in determining the daily strategy, including conceptualizing the idea of the Ramesan Art program as one of the flagship activities of Eko Nugroho Art Class.

Ramesan Art 2022 under the title “Hompimpa Alaium Gambreng” was the 4th exhibition held from 14 – 27 November 2022 at Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta. The exhibition presented 85 works from 85 students. In addition to the exhibition, one of the characteristics of Ramesan Art is that it organizes daily workshops that can be attended by the general public and also special workshops that present Eko Nugroho as a mentor.

One of the highlights of this exhibition is the willingness of all students to auction their works and distribute the proceeds to those in need, such as orphanages, environmental non-governmental organizations, vulnerable citizens, and others.

ARS Management is the conceptor and consultant of Eko Nugroho Art Class business entity since 2015 and has been involved as the daily executive since July 2018 until now.

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