admin admin - January 14, 2015

:id]Sanggar Lukis Anak Eko NugrohoPainting Studio for Children – Eko Nugroho

In this beginning year, we are still trusted by Eko Nugroho Studio to be its partner in concept design for establishment Painting Studio for Children – Eko Nugroho (starting from the institutional concept, working concept, human resources management). This studio is designed to be presented in this year.

The aim of this studio is not to create children to be expert in competition but to introduce them that creativity and imagination in art is something fun, and to dig deeper children creativities since early stage, also one of therapy method for children after doing so many learning routine activities in school. This studio gives space for children from 4 – 16 ages year old.

Thus, we invite all of you to be involved with us. We are waiting for you!

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