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Serial news – Eko Nugroho Art Class d/h Sanggar Lukis Anak

Eko Nugroho Art Class officially has presented for public on 1 June 2015. It presents as education institutional non formal based on visual art for children with age from 3 – 12 years old. Its objectives are facilitating child creativities to develop in accordance with the age of the child’s growth, give space for children to be able in expression, and also give space to have recreation in fun learning process.

Eko Nugroho Art Class applies learning method with specific curriculum which is created based on standard curriculum in Indonesia with more values in creativity for children based on visual art and the growth of child. This learning process aims to skill optimization of child’s creativity and child’s personality maturity appropriate with its growth age.

Eko Nugroho Art Class opens various classes such as: regular class (painting), specific class for children with special needs, partnership class for public school, specific class based on children needs, handicraft class, and also private class.
However, in the end of June, Eko Nugroho Art Class opens vacation class for domestic/international tourists and Yogyakarta residents who intend to spend their vacation in Yogyakarta with educative activities, full of creativities and also fun.
Beside that, Eko Nugroho Art Class also opens free trial class for anyone who wants and feels learning process in Eko Nugroho Art Class. Free trial class is opened everyday in work days; Monday – Saturday, from 9 am – 5 pm. Please

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